All About Carpenter


what does a carpenter do

Carpenters install, construct, finish, and repair wooden structures and installations on commercial or residential buildings and homes.

Carpenters are able to perform tasks as follows:

  • Build and repair wooden Patios, pergolas and decking
  • Install timber/metal windows, sashes, and doors
  • Build floors, wall structures (metal or timber), roofs, and ceilings
  • Construct prefabricated units, such as cottages and houses
  • Installation of kitchens, laundry and bathroom units
  • Install locks, door handles, hardware, flooring, insulating material, and other fixtures

how much does a carpenter cost

How do you know what type of carpenter you require? A formwork carpenter, for example would specialise in – framing ,formwork and other structural work pre concrete. If you require stumps, bearers, walls and roofs then you would need a framing carpenter. A finishing carpenter or second fix carpenter is one that specialise in decking, doors, skirtings and architraves.

Look for carpentry and joinery companies with lots of reviews and check also their profiles on social media such as Facebook and Instagram. Have they had similar experiences in projects similar to yours? Do they specialise in a particular type of carpentry, such as wood flooring, doors, gates, etc?

Check their credentials since carpenters may also be registered,  with a number of trade organisations, such as Request references to find out if the previous customers were satisfied with the completed jobs.

Get at least three quotes for any carpentry and joinery job, large or small. Try to get quotes that can be easily compared and make sure there is no hidden cost.

The final step before you select a carpenter to work with, should be to check on their guarantees. Does the service guarantee its work? What warranties are offered on the materials that will be used to complete the job?

how to choose a right carpenter

The average cost of carpentry in Australia stands at $50/hr, but prices can still change depending on factors such as the size and complexity of the job as well as the cost of materials. In general, prices range from as low as $45/hr to as high as $60/hr. More expensive hardwood timbers, for example, will carry a price premium over soft timbers such as pine. Carpenters can advise you which type of timber is best suited to your project. Many carpenters are experienced in building projects so as well as their carpentry skills they will in most cases be able to provide advise as you progress through your renovation.

Pricing will also depend on the size of the job and what you want your carpenter to build. As a rule of thumb, the simpler the job, the less it costs. Decks and pergolas are among the biggest and most complex types of work, so they are usually the expensive ones.