Essential tips when hiring a Handyman

Essential tips when hiring a Handyman

23rd March 2017

There are many situations where an experienced handyman or handywoman can do the job like what tradies do. From smaller jobs such as painting, fixing door hinges, cutting grass and general cleaning up work both inside and outside the house, the great Australian tradition of a handyman or woman to do the task is more than suitable.

Although it makes sense to hire qualified, experienced tradies for the major jobs and renovations that need doing on the house. Major work such as landscaping, roofing, renovating and of course plumbing and electrical work should always be done by professionals. Indeed to do otherwise may be breaking the law.





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They come into their own when you come across a situation where you can’t carry out repairs or cleaning work yourself, yet realise that the job needs to be done fairly urgently. These are usually quick repairs or tasks that can be completed in a short a space of time as possible. Or perhaps there are repairs that have been put off for a while?

Local odd job people also usually charge much less than a professional tradie. This may be a factor when work needs to be done around the house, yet the budget is limited. Not all jobs require a professional contractor and one of the key benefits of hiring a handyman is that they can do a range of work, rather than specialise in one area. It’s possible that a handyman may be semi-retired and therefore able to be more flexible with timing. This may contrast with hiring a tradie — particularly one who is experienced and has a good reputation — who may be in demand and therefore not immediately available for work.

A handyman or woman can do a range of jobs around the house or business premises. From hanging pictures, to painting both inside and outside, to cleaning up the yard, to fixing leaks, to cleaning gutters and many, many more jobs. Odd job people have a skillset usually far wider than tradies and can do some larger jobs if required.

In pre-Internet days, handymen (they were almost exclusively men in those days) used to ply their trade in local newspapers, adverts on local community boards and letterbox flyers. However, the most effective of these traditional methods of handyman marketing was “word-of-mouth”, the benefit of a good reputation in a small town or suburb.

All of these still apply, however in our connected world, handymen/women now find social media to be one of the most effective ways to advertise. Indeed, if you are new to a suburb or town, try asking a question on a locally-themed Facebook group. Locals will usually have some idea of the skill and experience of local handymen and women and may be able to point you in the right direction. Social media is also very transparent and any dodgy odd job person will be likely to get found out very quickly

 Experience. By nature, handymen and women can do a variety of jobs around the house while most tradies are specialised in one area. These can be electricians, carpenters, plumbers etc. However you will need to find out if the odd job person is experienced enough to do the work you require. For example, it would be foolish to hire a handyman to put up cupboards when this is something they haven’t done previously. It is therefore important to define the range of skills they can do before hiring.

This is less important if they are to be employed to general yard work but may become imperative should they be asked to do more intricate work such as repairing gutters. Don’t be afraid to ask to check their qualifications.

Even odd job people need to have adequate insurance. Check to see if they have got coverage for property damage, third party and personal injury.

 Your investigations into the right handyperson for the job should include finding out their reputation. Not only skills and efficiency and how much they charge but also their customer service. Do they turn up on time? Are they notorious for not cleaning up after the job?

A handyman or handywoman is a person who is qualified and experienced enough to carry out small jobs or tasks around the house. Usually with a strong identity in the local community (or establishing one), they are invaluable in being able to carry out a variety of tasks at an affordable price. As always, do the research before hiring an odd job person, don’t be afraid to ask questions either of your neighbours or on local social media. Selecting the right handyman or woman for the little tasks around the house can prove to be an excellent alternative and a potential long term money saver as an ongoing relationship is established.

While the “jack of all trades” should never replace hiring a professional tradie for the important tasks, particularly for renovation work and big repair jobs, they are great for the small jobs around the house and garden. Post your jobs with comparethetradie and let us connect you with your local handyman. Finding an all round odd job person to do the bits and pieces around the home can be one of the most important contacts you will ever make in your community.


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Credit chief copy writer – Rich Bowden