Where to find the best renovation inspiration

Stuck for ideas for your renovation? Try social media.


It’s the time of year for thinking about big renovations on your house. But it may be that you’ve only got as far as a rough idea of what you want to do and what you want to achieve. Perhaps you want to change things but are stuck for bathroom renovation ideas or kitchen renovation ideas (for example).


Here’s a quick guide to the best of social media.





It’s well worth opening an account on Pinterest just to be able to surf through the number of boards dedicated to home design, interior furnishings and renovating. The platform is set up to resemble a pinboard, with “pins” (images) being contained on “boards” (pinboards). Signing up is simple, and the search facility easy to use to look up images relating to your renovation project.


For example, try “bathroom renovation ideas” to search for thousands of images related to bathroom projects. If you particularly like ideas, simply mouse over the image, hit “save” to add it to your own account. Over time, your research will pay dividends by giving you a range of ideas which you can either steal or adapt according to your own ideas.


Your own Pinterest Page will grow as you add (“pins”) pictures to your account. You will also gather followers with similar interests. This can be very handy as you gather thoughts and inspiration for your renovation project. As a suggestion, should you be planning a full reconstruction house project, gather the Pinterest pics under separate categories — related to each part of the house — created on your Pinterest Page.


Give these easy to remember titles: “kitchen renovation ideas”, “bathroom renovation ideas” “kids’ rooms ideas”, “landscaping” and more.



Image-orientated in the same way as Pinterest, Instagram is becoming the “go-to” place for innovative renovation ideas. Originally used as a place to share photos, Instagram has evolved to include companies, particularly small to medium businesses. Indeed many builders and tradespeople now use Instagram as a cost effective way to advertise their company and display photos of finished projects.


Though newer than Twitter and Facebook, Instagram is one of the fastest growing of all of the platforms. Opening an Instagram account gives you access to thousands of design and building ideas. Most magazines and websites in the home design category now have Instagram accounts and can be followed. You can easily search photos of interest on Instagram by using a hashtag (#). Instagram is also superbly suited to use by mobile phones and tablets.



The grandaddy and most popular of the social media platforms, Facebook has an excellent search function which can be utilised to find groups and pages which specialise in home renovation. Ideas can be gleaned from the Facebook pages of interior design and renovation sites with news, views — and importantly — photos of trends, designs and completed projects.


By building up your followers, you have access to hundreds of other people’s thoughts, ideas and images. Try joining up with a dedicated renovation page or group or asking your followers a question. You can even start your own group to connect with other people with interest or expertise in Australian renovations.



Though less image-centric than Pinterest and Instagram, Twitter works very well as a place to find inspiration for your project. Simply use the hashtag (#) and the item you want to search for (such as #kitchenrenovationideas) and check the results for entries and images.


Twitter also allows for images to be added to text messages, however it is often the links to articles and blog posts that can prove most valuable to you. Simply search the relevant category, then click on the abbreviated url in the text to take you to the article or website.



The relatively new kid on the block, Tumblr has the potential to be very helpful in the search for ideas for your house makeover. The site is a micro-blogging platform, which also incorporates audio, video and linking. It has a search function which will allow you to enter the building subject of your choice and take you to pages that you find useful.



Youtube is a great social media platform and becoming one of the largest channels with over 1 Billion active users each month. Predominantly a video sharing platform, this allows accounts to share a vast array of videos. How does this give me inspiration for my home reno i hear you ask…. well with a wide range of ‘ How to ‘ videos it is great for tradies, DIY enthusiasts and people just wanting ideas to help with their next project.


As with other social media you can like people and reblog on your own page. Great to find other people with the same interest in renovation!

Using social media to find ideas and inspiration is fast, convenient and fun. All you need is access to the Internet and membership of your favourite social media platforms. At ComparetheTradiewe ensure our social media presence is upgraded regularly, keeping you informed of news, views and pictures of projects completed by our tradespeople.

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However, after you’ve found your inspiration and got your plan worked you will need a tradie. This can sometimes be a drawn-out process and finding the right tradie with the right experience to do the job can be difficult.

We are here to make it a little easier.


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Rich Bowden – Chief copy writer

Image: Iconfinder.com