Where to find the best renovation inspiration

It’s the time of year for thinking about big renovations on your house. But it may be that you’ve only got as far as a rough idea of what you want to do and what you want to achieve. Perhaps you want to change things but are stuck for bathroom renovation ideas or kitchen renovation ideas. Heres a quick guide to the best of social media Read more >>

What is the true cost of a free quote?

It’s one of the selling points that resonates with customers isn’t it? The fact that we can hop on the phone, laptop or device and book a tradie to come out and give their opinion on a job..... Read more >>

Essential tips when hiring a Handyman

Essential tips when hiring a Handyman

It makes sense to hire qualified, experienced tradies for the major jobs and renovations that need doing on the houseHowever there are many situations where an experienced handyman or woman can do the job....... Read more >>

hiring the right tradie

10 ways to guarantee you get the best tradies

Are you thinking about getting work done on your house or property? If so, one of your most important tasks is to select the right tradie.... Read more >>

scandinavian interior design

Introducing Scandinavian Interior Design

Most people are familiar with the unique look of Scandinavian furniture and interior design, with its clean lines, modern texture and utilitarian design. First introduced to the wider world in the 1950s, the style that features neutral tones and quality craftsmanship has garnered huge support amongst homeowners, design gurus and lovers of comfortable simplicity and beauty.... Read more >>

how to improve the chances of selling your house without breaking the bank

Increase the odds of selling your house

Summer is a popular time of year to put houses on the market. The weather’s (usually) fine and warm and the days are long, showcasing properties in their best light. These factors combine to make it conducive to attracting people looking to buy..... Read more >>

talking renovations

Guest interviewer Talking Renovations

As part of a regular series featuring clients and tradies, we’re looking to include interviews with people who have had renovation work done on their homes, whether this has been carried out by a team of tradies or by themselves. We ask about their experience and if they have any tips and general advice for those thinking of doing the same...... Read more >>

10 ways to renovate on a budget

10 ways to renovate your house on a budget

While it’s necessary to have a plan before you start renovating your home, sometimes it’s a fact that your budget won’t stretch to allow you to carry out all of your ideas.... Read more >>

Feature a Tradie – AN Scott Construct

As part of an ongoing series here at ComparetheTradie, we talk to tradies from various professions, all of whom are featured on our website. These informal “catch ups” give us an insight into the work of the featured tradesperson........ Read more >>

thinking through your perth roof restoration

Planning your roof restoration

Careful planning is the key to success for any renovation. However nowhere is this more so than if you should decide to restore your roof. Transforming one that looks tired, or is damaged and leaking, to one that is able to withstand the W.A. weather takes time and research. Not only to decide on the final look and character but to find the right tradespeople to do the job... Read more >>

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