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Simply fill in your job details including a brief description of the job you want a quote for with the option to add photographs for the tradie to view.


Fill in your details and let us know what YOU need

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You choose the tradie to complete your work. It really is that simple

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We realise that no two jobs are quite the same. All of our selected tradesmen know the importance of viewing any job before pricing it accordingly. We are here to make sure you don't receive approximate figures online before a tradie has even seen the job. We want you to get the best job at the best price.

Peace of mind

Every business that quotes on has completed an ID check. They all have a verified ABN and have completed an online declaration that they are fully qualified and licensed to do the work they are quoting.

We have your back

We have a team to close out every job. You will receive a follow up phone call or email to make sure you are happy with your experience through comparethetradie. If a business receives two complaints their account will be terminated, it's as simple as that. We pride ourselves on having only the very best tradies on our site.

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Why use our Services When You Need a Tradie in Perth

Are you a business looking for reliable tradies in Perth? Never in the revolution of Tradesman Recruiting has internet networking been more easily accessible and ideal for improving a business' capabilities to fulfil trade services in Perth.

Modern businesses are on the scout for trades resources to fulfil many different service related jobs as carpenters and painters. The problem that occurs generally is how do you find a reliable trade person to complete the tasks given to them with a high standard and at an affordable rate.  Compare the Tradie is that platform that empowers business owners and private individuals seeking the services of these tradies and having a window into their experience and reviews by past users.

Getting the job done is the focus of bringing the desired inquiries to the company's looking for trade services at an affordable price. Traditionally this task can tie up a lot of time researching tradespeople and waiting for phone calls to come back.

The ideal scenario is  the time  quality of trades people sent out to complete a task, this in turn if you are a business operating this will have a positive effect on your income potential. The reason for this is Compare The Tradie has an unlimited reach to qualified trades people to provide you the services you are seeking. 

For those looking for experienced tradesmen who can be counted on for quality work and expertise, getting the word out through various delivery methods and fulfilling a customer's needs for quality work is covered in 3 easy steps.

For all parties, there is a sure fire, favourable outcome that's just a mouse click away, especially for those residing in the capital city area of Western Australia.

How does it Work

The business owner or individual adds their contact details and services on our website. Compare the Tradie website will ask the type of services you are seeking and the time frame that you require the service to be performed in. It also uses the local service providers first in the search. Once we have these details it is one click for our system to go out looking and requesting qualified trades men to quote on your tasks to be performed.  The need for further internet searches ends here. The tradesman gets the benefit of unsurpassed exposure for their business, and can then answer their new client's request to get the job done. The revolution of internet technology has united the tradesman in Perth with new clientele who simply clicked on the get quotes button at our site. It's a win-win proposition for all.

The bottom line is being able to  network with a wide range of trusted tradies in Perth.  This is a significant benefit to our users and listed trade resources.  The arduous search for a trusted professional ends here and the need for quality workmanship has been met.

compare the tradie testimonial
Very Simple

"Using comparethetradie made it easy to contact different trades using one web site. The whole process was very simple and saved me so much time. I’m already planning my next project!!" Read More >>

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Maida vale

"I would recommend comparethetradie to anyone looking for help with their home renovations" Read More >>

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Fab service
Vic Park

"Using comparethetradie was so easy and i had a tradie quoting on my job within the day! Fab service, couldn't recommend enough" Read More >>

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"Comparethetradie connected me with three tradies and i could choose the one that fitted my budget and design plans. A* service" Read More >>