thinking through your perth roof restoration

Planning your roof restoration

12th December 2016

Careful planning is the key to success for any renovation especially about roof restoration. Transforming one that looks tired, or is damaged and leaking, to one that is able to withstand the W.A. weather takes time and research. Not only to decide on the final look and character but to find the right tradespeople to do the job.

Our Western Australian climate is well-known for its weather extremes and events, all of which may take its toll on our houses. However a leaking roof may cause more than just unsightly stains on the ceiling, it can be dangerous: particularly if water gets near wiring and/or electrical fittings such as light sockets.

Whatever your need for repair, roof restoration or replacement is a big and often expensive job. To save money, you will need to be able to find the most competitive quotes for tradies experienced in the job in W.A. conditions.

Restore or replace the roof?

You will need to assess the current state of your roof. Is restoring it an adequate step? Or will it need to be replaced completely? If the damage occurs in a small area only, restoration may be the likely option. However should the it be in a poor state of repair, the cost effective option may be to replace the roof altogether.

The assessment should be done by a professional who has experience in Perth roof restoration. Our state experiences extremes of climate not seen in many other parts of the country and the tradie you choose should understand these weather conditions and how they affect roof repair.

While a professional tradie will need to carry out the full initial inspection, you can get an assessment of the roof’s condition by its previous performance. To do this, walk around the inside of the house and look for any signs of leakage, such as moldy spots or condensation. Check for damp odors in the corners of any rooms. This may be linked to damage which may get worse over time.

Then, walk around the outside of the house and carefully note where there are obvious signs of wear (cracked tiles or rusty metal or other broken elements such as masonry).

Ask yourself how the roof has performed in extreme weather conditions such as hail, heavy rain and wind. Has it provided adequate protection against the elements? Were there any leaks during heavy storms? Have any parts been lifted by the wind?

Unless you are experienced in this type of work, it is strongly advised that you get a tradesperson to climb onto the roof for a close inspection. Accidents caused by slipping and falling are all too common.

Added home value by using tiled roofs

Whether yours is a concrete or terracotta tiled roof, restoration to will add value to the home, repair leaks and preserve it to its original state. The specialist will clean, repair any broken tiles, repair any cracked or damaged mortar around ridge tiles and re-coat the tiles in a waterproof paint. Some tiles may need re-pointing: the process where grouting between tiles may need to be replaced.  If left not repaired, cracked masonry can become a key place where moisture can enter the house.It is also important to regularly check for cracked tiles, if not fixed this can cause leaks direct into your ceiling below.


Use metal roofs for complete replacement

Restoring metal roofs presents a different challenge. Firstly it is important to not leave the intervention until too late. Doing so will mean any attempt to restore the metal will be too late. The only option in this case would be a complete replacement.

However don’t assume that just because your metal roof is damaged and worn that it needs immediate replacement. By getting the right tradespeople to restore and repair it before it is too late, you will save money.

Restoration may include: repairing damaged panels and joins; patching leaks or apply a spray-applied coating to protect against water.

Whether yours is tiled or metal, roof restoration is an essential job that requires skill, professionalism and experience of tough Western Australian conditions. Clearly it is important to get the professional tradespeople who will give you an accurate assessment of the state of your roof, advise what needs to be repaired to complete the restoration and give you a competitive quote.

As the W.A. government’s Department of Commerce advises, avoid those tradies who offer a cheap job for cash up front. Always check licenses and (if possible) online reviews from previous clients.

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