Owner builder Vs Hiring a Builder

Are you thinking of renovating your own home? Perhaps you already have the required building skills and need to stick to a limited budget? One option is to apply for an owner builder licence and carry out much of the work yourself... Read more >>

planning a new lawn

Planning a new lawn?

The early warmer months are an excellent time to think about laying down a new lawn. If you’ve just moved into a new home, you may wish to put in new grass before the full heat of summer arrives. Or you may be considering digging up your existing lawn and replacing it with something better and more durable... Read more >>

why hiring reliable tradies for your home renovation is so important

The importance of hiring reliable quality tradies

One of the best ways to protect your investment is to select good quality tradespeople. Doing so will have a big say in the success (or failure) of your project. Ensuring the job is done right the first time and at a reasonable cost will help make your dream renovation a happy and stress-free experience... Read more >>

expect the unexpected when you renovate an older house

Expect the unexpected when you renovate an old house

The weather’s warming up, you’ve saved up the spare cash to work on the house, now you’d like to jump right in and start renovating. Perhaps you and your family have recently moved into an older style home which is in dire need of a new lease of life? Read more >>

renovation ideas for your home

Renovation Ideas for Your Home

In your quest for the perfect home, sometimes renovations are necessary to truly achieve the results you desire. Whatever your budget, you can make small renovations to your home to gradually bring it to the look you are after. Here are a few ideas to get you started... Read more >>

need a carpenter in perth you will love to know how to find a reliable and cheap tradie

Need a Carpenter in Perth? You Will Love to Know how to find a reliable and cheap tradie

When building a new home or simply looking to improve upon an already existing structure, why not choose a carpenter who can do it all? Read more >>

feature a tradie snell building services

Feature a Tradie – Snell Building Services

We caught up for a coffee with Snell Building Services’ main man, Andy Snell, at Claremont Quarter to discuss his latest project and all things building.... Read more >>

how much will a pergola cost

How much will a Pergola cost to build?

As we move into spring and the days get longer and the temperature starts to heat up, you may be thinking about getting your outside entertainment area ship shape ready for those endless summer nights. One effective addition to any outside area is a pergola. Here at ComparetheTradie, we have put together a check list for you...... Read more >>

kitchen renovation idea 6

Cook up a storm with our Kitchen Renovation Ideas

What is the most important room in your house? Different people will answer this question in different ways, but you would be up against it to find a person who does not consider their kitchen to be indispensable. Read more >>

Deck Renovation Idea

Entertain in Style with our Deck Renovation Ideas

We all want to make better use of our outside spaces, and with good quality decking, we can. So where to begin when it comes to redesigning our decking, and how to get inspired to create something truly special? We’ve compiled some deck renovation tips and ideas to start the ball rolling on your project. Read on and find out more. Read more >>

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