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Cook up a storm with our Kitchen Renovation Ideas

26th May 2016

What is the most important room in your house? Different people will answer this question in different ways, but you would be up against it to find a person who does not consider their kitchen to be indispensable.
With this in mind, it is time to give your kitchen the renovation it deserves and secure yourself a room that you can be proud of and that inspires you. Read on for our top kitchen renovation ideas.

Thinking Ahead for Your Kitchen

thinking ahead for your kitchen


When renovating a kitchen, it is easy to let your creative imagination carry you away. You may begin to imagine splashes of colour here and there, or begin to wonder what your kitchen would look like with a certain theme. This is great, of course, and is all part of the process of designing a new kitchen. But it’s also important to remember that your kitchen is still a kitchen, so functionality is important.

How do you use your kitchen? What are the common movements you make when preparing food or handling another task? Think about these questions as you build your design, and optimise the space to give you the utmost in usage and enjoyment.
Perhaps the refrigerator needs to be adjacent to the countertop for easy access; maybe you need a breakfast bar or kitchen island in the middle of the space for serving; or it could be that this area is better left open plan. It’s your kitchen, so make sure it suits you.



make use of kitchen space

Make Use of Kitchen Space

One thing that a stylish and efficient kitchen should not have is wasted space. In smaller kitchens, this is even more the case. Your kitchen design should ensure that every inch of space is optimised to be as usable and aesthetically pleasing as possible.
Fortunately, there is a design solution for basically every kitchen problem under the sun. Need to eliminate carrying full pots of water back and forwards from the sink? Invest in a swing-out tap. Have an annoying void where two work surfaces meet? Put a corner unit there. Have bare walls but cluttered work surfaces? Hooks, shelves and a range of other storage solutions allow you to neaten up your food preparation area while also retaining its convenience and function.
Of course, making use of the space is not exclusively an issue of practicality. A great looking kitchen is an efficient and well thought out kitchen, so set about creating a renovation design which reflects this.

rustic is good for kitchen

Rustic is Good for Kitchen

When you think of the word rustic you might think of olde worlde cottages, David Thoreau living with nature at Walden Pond, or even The Little House on the Prairie. Believe it or not, rustic design styles are a classic way to keep your kitchen looking fresh, cosy and homely. These touches tend to be easy to maintain, eminently practical, and what’s more, they look great!
Think rough-hewn wooden countertops and furniture finished with a clear seal to protect the material without losing any of its rustic appeal. Think stone or stone-effect work surfaces. Think traditional kitchen accessories like mortar and pestles which provide a decorative effect and also add another element to how you use the kitchen space.





splash the kitchen colour

Splash the Kitchen Colour with Care

Colour is a wonderful thing in a kitchen. It helps us feel inspired when we create our favourite dishes, it helps us to enjoy living and working in the space, and it ensures that we feel comfortable in our own home. However, garish colours plastered across every surface are understandably not to everyone’s taste. With this in mind, how can you experience the benefit of colour without going over the top?
One way is to plan your colourful touches very carefully, building them into your renovation plan. The key is to focus on a certain aspect of your personality or interest that you want the renovation to reflect. For example, if you’re a keen gardener who loves to fill indoor spaces with flowers and plants, you can accompany the natural colour with artworks or statement pieces in similar shades. If it is vintage style which inspires you, set off a neutrally coloured kitchen with some retro furniture pieces in stand-out hues.

select your kitchen theme

Select Your Kitchen Theme

Create a theme and stick to it. Sharp flashes of colour are a great component to your accessories, signature wall pieces, plants and flowers, utensils, or even in artworks that you wish to display in your kitchen. All of these elements become even more striking when juxtaposed on a neutral or subdued background, so bear this in mind.
While adding your style to your theme is important, remember not to overdo it. For example, adding a smorgasbord of different hues and shades across the space may seem like a good idea at the time. However, it will leave your kitchen feeling messy and cluttered. Choose a palette of two or three complementary colours and work with these.
So, with your new kitchen design in mind, it’s time to find the renovation team who can make your dreams come true. Browse our listings and find the perfect tradie quotes for the job at a location near you.