how to improve the chances of selling your house without breaking the bank

Increase the odds of selling your house

21st January 2017


Have you wondered about what changes you should make to increase the odds of selling your house? Perhaps you’ve taken advantage of this time of year to put your own home on the market? These factors combine to make it conducive to attracting people looking to buy.

Contrary to popular opinion, as long as your home is in good condition, you don’t have to spend a great deal of money to spruce it up to the level where you can expect a great price.
However there are a few smart ideas that can be done either by yourself, or with the help of a professional, experienced tradesperson, that will not only help you sell your home but also get a higher price than you may have expected.

There are a few pointers to spruce up your property to boost your chances of getting the right price when you sell.


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What to do to increase your odds of selling?

However it’s important not to spend all of your money changing everything about the place. The cost will need to be added onto the price of the place and may therefore make it unaffordable for some prospective buyers. Indeed many people buying a house prefer a “clean slate” from which to work, to project their own ideas about renovation work. Work out which renovations are necessary to bring your home up to scratch and which can be left for the owners to put their own stamp and style.

While tidying up projects can be done by you and your family, always get and experienced, professional to carry out the renovation work. A professional job will make all the difference when prospective buyers look over your house. From repairing the garden, to cleaning, replacing gutters and roofs, to fences, carports and other repairs, a professional job will add to the good first impression that your house will make to visitors and help you reach the asking price you want.

Credit Rich Bowden – Chief copy writer


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Image: Home for Sale. Credit: Mark Moz/Flickr