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10 ways to guarantee you get the best tradies

Proven ways to hire the best tradies 

25th February 2017

Some people need to hire the best tradies and getting work done on their house or property. If you are one of them, then your most important tasks is to select the right tradie. The right choice will arrive on time, do the job at a high professional standard and help with ideas or suggestions on how to improve your existing plan.

In contrast, a poor choice will arrive late (or not at all), throw your schedule out, which may cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars, and not be interested in adding suggestions or help. The consequences of the wrong choice for the work you want done doesn’t really bear thinking about!

Australia boasts some of the most stringent work standards in the world, and as a result we have some of the globe’s best tradespeople. Australian tradies in general have a fantastic reputation and the majority are professional and will do a great job with skill, punctuality and courtesy. However, as with all professions, there are those who stand out for the wrong reasons. But how do you choose the good from the bad? It’s so important to be able to choose the tradespeople who will act in a professional way and do the very best job at a reasonable price.



hiring the best tradies

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It is important to understand exactly what you want to be done before you decide to hire. Only a vague idea will make it hard for professionals to understand what it is they are required to do. However, while having a plan is one thing, always be prepared to be flexible and ready to change should circumstances dictate this to be necessary.

If you do need a tradesperson and haven’t got the time to do the time consuming research, contact us at ComparetheTradie. Our unique service puts you in touch with three quality and experienced people in your area to do the work you require. Simply join the website, log details of your project and we’ll send you details of three qualified businesses interested in your business listing within 48 hours.

The importance of making the right selection cannot be overstated. Finding a tradie who is qualified, experienced, punctual and helpful will make your project so much easier!


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Credit chief copy writer Rich Bowden

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