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18th December 2016




carpentry and construction workAs part of an ongoing series here at ComparetheTradie, we talk to tradies from various professions, all of whom are featured on our website. These informal “catch ups” give us an insight into the work of the featured tradesperson, finding out where their specialities lie and what to expect when you hire them. As well we learn about what drives them as people, what makes them tick, what it is they love about their job.

This week, we were fortunate enough to be able to chat with Alex Scott, owner of A N Scott Construct Pty Ltd.

Based in Perth, the company handles all forms of carpentry and construction work in the city and surrounding suburbs. AN Scott has an enviable reputation amongst their peers for their quality work and are used by many main builders for framing, roofing and fix out carpentry. Alex told us his firm is a quality construction company that specialises in high-end carpentry and construction work and prides itself on a strong customer service ethos. Looking through some of the past projects completed its obvious they really do offer the complete carpentry service covering all aspects of timber work.


an scott construct restoration work

With a motto “building the future and restoring the past” it’s clear restoration work is a key part of Alex’s company’s work. He told us that he has a great deal of work adding rooms onto heritage-listed homes or doing renovations on older-style houses. The trick, according to Alex, is to make the changes blend in seamlessly with the rest of the house and landscape.

For example, a new room attached to the back of a heritage-listed home needs to be of a style that matches the rest of the home for best effect, says Alex. He adds that “extensions are a great deal more difficult than simply building a new home”. However with experience and know-how, a new extension can be made in the style of the original house, making it look natural and sympathetic with the surroundings.

Being able to build so the extension is scarcely noticeable is the mark of an effective all-round carpenter, he said.


Alex says he and his company have gained a great deal of satisfaction in the work they have completed during 2016. But when we pushed him to say which was his favourite, he had no hesitation in nominating a building three level timber frame extension with his team at Peppermint Grove as his personal favourite. Alex and his team were able to build a remarkably stylish and beautiful home within the specified time period and before Christmas, a project they worked on from start to finish.


renovating homes

Next we grilled Alex about what advice he would give to those looking to renovate their homes. His common sense counsel consisted of telling people to do their research thoroughly as part of the planning of the project. He added that people should make sure they understand what job you want the tradies to do and select them accordingly. Always check at least two to three quotes to see if they fit with your budget and don’t necessarily choose the lowest, he said.

Alex points out that the way tradies have been sought out by customers has changed dramatically in recent years. Using sites such as ComparetheTradie or social media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter, people looking to hire tradies can see more easily their work and compare quotes more easily.

It makes finding tradies more efficient, a win for both the tradesperson and the customer, said Alex.

And of course the million dollar question. What drives you and where do you get inspiration from in your work? His response was short and succinct: “ … to be able to build people’s dream homes from start to finish to the highest standard possible.”

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Credit chief copy writer Rich Bowden