expect the unexpected when you renovate an older house

Expect the unexpected when you renovate an old house

8th November 2016

The weather’s warming up, you’ve saved up the spare cash to renovate an old house, now you’d like to jump right in and start renovating. Perhaps you and your family have recently moved into an older style home which is in dire need of a new lease of life? Or maybe you’ve been poring over books and magazines during the cooler months and have now got have the plans of how you want the place to look?

Before you start though, there are a number of factors to consider. The key one is the hidden extra costs that can arise from unexpected situations you may face in the renovation.

While you may have budgeted for the various jobs that make up the work, have you had the place checked for any problems that may occur as you renovate? This may be especially so for older houses. While renovating an older place to bring back its charm and style has great appeal, there may be some hidden nasties that you uncover as you begin the various stages.

For example, hidden costs may occur when you come across a number of structural defects in the house as you pull down ceilings, floors and roofs. Some may be superficial, these are easy enough to correct by yourself if you are doing the renovation, however others may be major jobs. This is where you will need to budget for specialist tradies to repair the work.

Here are some examples:

It’s important to expect the unexpected before you start your renovation work. This is particularly so if it’s an older house. Those extra, hidden costs need to be accounted for before you start the renovation. If you find that your house may have a few of these problems, it’s important to contact a qualified tradesperson with experience in dealing with fixing structural faults and specialist jobs such as plumbing and roofing.

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