10 ways to renovate on a budget

10 ways to renovate your house on a budget


While it’s necessary to have a plan before you start to renovate your house on a budget, sometimes it’s a fact that your budget won’t stretch to allow you to carry out all of your ideas. However, with a little innovation, compromise and research, you can still do that long-awaited upgrade, renovation or extension without breaking the bank.

There’s a lot you can do to cut costs, yet without compromising the overall look of the renovations. Here are ten ways you can save yet still get the big improvements you want.

Set a realistic budget

First you will need to work out the exact amount of money you intend to spend on your project. Set a realistic target. One sensible way of doing this is to set your maximum spend budget as a percentage of the estimated sale value of the home (say 5 percent). Without a strict budget, the amount of money you spend on renovations can easily get out of hand. Always be aware that costs can spiral especially when renovating an older house. The likelihood of finding asbestos, needing to replace wires or pipes, replacing rotten floor joists etc are very high so we recommend to set aside some extra money for these unforeseen problems

Try renovating in stages

Plan ahead to complete one part of the renovation, then take a break to allow you time to save up for the next. This stage-by-stage approach will take longer (and be more inconvenient) however it will give you time to assess the order of importance of the work. It will also allow you to put aside funds in each stage of the overall project.

Shop around saving your budget

Huge savings are now available in just about any appliances either online or at wholesale suppliers. Take the time to do the research and look on eBay, other online stores or comparison sites to help you keep within your strict budget. Don’t forget to ask family and friends who have undertaken similar work for advice on where to obtain cost effective supplies.

Jobs you can do before you bring in tradies

There are a number of small jobs which you can carry out with the help of family and friends. You can remove old carpeting and flooring for example, or do the easy painting work. Many people chose to do easy labour intensive jobs such as filling skip bins or small demolition themselves saving money on labour costs that can be spent later down the line

Lift your house with painting

Even re-painting the house will brighten up your house without putting too much of a dent in your budget. You may wish to change the theme of your home by adding feature painted walls and ceilings. Just an enterprising paint job can freshen up a kitchen or bathroom, giving the house a lift where it’s needed. Whilst we recommend using a trade qualified painter there are small jobs you can do to save the tradie time and you money. Try doing most of the prep yourself, which means bogging / filling any holes, sanding back and putting down protective drop sheets.

Only do what’s needed

It can be tempting to try and change everything when you set out to do your renovation. However that is obviously not possible on a limited budget. Work out what you can and can’t do and focus on those jobs that are affordable.

Upgrading the lighting for better visual

Upgrading the lighting alone will give your house a visual lift. You needn’t pay thousands either as shopping around for good quality lights (either online or at department stores) will save you money. Improving this aspect will not only throw better light in darkened parts of your house, it will also use less electricity if you choose energy efficient bulbs — such as LED — and down lights.

Use alternatives to substitute products

Shopping around also involves checking for substitute products, which may still do the job just as well but at a fraction of the cost. Examples of this include laminate flooring or vinyl instead of hard wood or tiles. Secondhand fittings are available at a cheaper price online and, if chosen with care, with last as long and look as good. When renovating a kitchen, just replace the drawers and cabinet doors if the original cupboards are still in good condition.

Save on tradies for better result

Use our specialist service to find the best tradies at the right price in your area. Our tradespeople are both qualified and experienced in doing the work you require and our unique service allows you to save on the biggest financial outlay of your project.

Manage your budget expectations renovation budget expectations

Your budget may cause you think again about what’s important with your renovation. As such, you may wish to cut down on the amount of work that needs to be done. Here you may need to scale down your renovating vision to something that is more attainable and practical with a reduced budget.

You can still get the look you want at a far cheaper price tag with just some management, planning ahead and shopping around. While some compromise may have to be made, with the right thinking this won’t affect the quality of the work.

At ComparetheTradie we can help you save money on tradespeople. Searching for the right tradie at the right price can take time. However our unique system allows you to log in details of the job you require doing and we’ll supply you with the contact details and a quote from three separate tradespeople in your area.

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